The goal of the #ucieknijcukrzycy community action successfully reached


27,000 km biking, 10,000 km running and over 3000 km covered walking: The #ucieknijcukrzycy sports activity for the Sokołów Group employees and their families ended with a very good result.

#Ucieknijcukrzycy (Run from Diabetes) was a motto uniting all the Sokołów employees caring for their own, and their family’s health. Diabetes is a serious problem affecting almost 3 million Poles, but a proper diet alone is not enough to protect yourself from this disease. The best method of prevention is physical activity. Caring for its employees’ health, Sokołów has created special sports competition programme. The results exceeded all expectations.

The goal of the #ucieknijcukrzycy community action was to encourage our employees to care for their health and to highlight a problem that, although virtually invisible in our daily lives, can affect anyone, i.e. diabetes. The action has attracted many people, but we are especially happy that there were plenty of participants who usually couldn't find the time or motivation to start exercising – says Sylwia Miszczuk, Company’s HR Director.

The idea of the action was born in the cooperative minds of people from various departments of the Company, who wanted to promote healthy habits. The action started on 10 June 2017 during the 2017 Sokołów Cup in Jarosław, and lasted until the end of October. 3 types of competitions were created and between them, over 40,000 km were covered.

  • Sokołów Cycling — 27,326 km — goal met in 650%
  • Sokołów Running — 10,252 km — goal met in 366%
  • Sokołów Walking — 3,067 km — goal met in 146%

The effort and motivation of all participants have been awarded with prizes.

The #ucieknijcukrzycy action had not just a physical but also an educational character. The Sokołów employees had the opportunity to participate in a special training led by a dietician Agnieszka Piskała and the Sokołów Chef Dominik Moskalenko, who showed how to prepare a diet that will facilitate diabetes prevention.

The participation in our action was voluntary, and it was very well received with the employees and their families. Every kilometre marked an individual success, leading to a great result constituting a symbol of outrunning diabetes. Running a distance equal to the length of the Equator? The kilometres covered are a proof that nothing is impossible for the Sokołów employees – add Alicja Skwierczyńska and Piotr Spiradek who co-organised the action.