Healthy diet for seniors at the Sokołów Academy of Taste


During another round of workshops at the Sokołów Academy of Taste, in an exceptional atmosphere of the Wola Suchożebrska Manor, the bloggers and their families got a chance to learn the principles of a proper nutrition of the elderly. How to compose the everyday diet and how to deal with common nutritional problems — these questions have been answered by Agnieszka Piskała, a dietician. Dishes prepared according to the recipes of the Sokołów S.A. chef Dominik Moskalenko, proved that original dishes meeting the culinary and nutritional demands of the seniors, can be prepared in an easy way. The guests were also treated to a surprise — a meeting with the Polish Basilur Tea brand ambassador Robert Krygier and his team, who have showed them the secrets of brewing excellent Ceylon teas.

The Sokołów Academy of Taste not only promotes healthy eating, but also teaches how important is the food in improving the overall quality of live. And, in the case of the elderly, who have special dietary requirements, it’s exceptionally vital. Proper diet contributes substantially to maintaining their health, fitness, and wellbeing. Senior citizens often suffer from many dietary problems. Through tips and recipes published at, the Sokołów Academy of Taste experts teach how to deal with those problems, and how the elderly can compose their everyday diet. 

Those issues were also the theme of the next Sokołów Academy of Taste workshops. This time, their participants were bloggers with their senior relatives. The meeting allowed them to improve their knowledge and skills, but also — following the idea behind the Sokołów Academy — to find happiness in spending time together.

During the first part of the meeting, the dietician Agnieszka Piskała told the participants what to pay attention to while composing a diet for the elderly. She argued that preparing a menu for seniors doesn’t have to be hard and that following specific recommendations can significantly improve the quality of their lives. The guests were especially interested in a topic covering how food interacts with medicines. – Still not everyone remembers that medicines should not be washed down with coffee, tea, milk products, juices, or alcohol – says Agnieszka Piskała, a dietician. There are many other rules. For example, dairy is forbidden during an antibiotic, tetracycline, or osteoporosis therapies. Whole grain products should not be eaten together with tricyclic antidepressants and digoxin (for heart arrhythmia and heart failure). Each participant got a chance to take an individual dietary consultation combined with body composition analysis.

During the practical part of the workshop the guests and the Sokołów S.A. chef Dominik Moskalenko prepared dishes that met the dietary requirements of the elderly. Some of the ingredients used were Sokołów products, which can be an everyday component of a seniors’ diet. The new vegetable “Z Gruntu Dobre” product line provides a simple and quick way of spicing up the daily menu and enriching it with plant products. Slow cooked products — such as Pulled Pork — contain high quality meat that's been pre-cooked, marinated, and cooked for a long time in low temperature. What's important for the seniors is that they are very easy to prepare: All they require is to heat them up in an oven. The workshop menu featured dumplings stuffed with the “Z Gruntu Dobre” chickpea paste with fried onions and young spinach leaves, whole-wheat pasta with the “Z Gruntu Dobre” dried tomatoes paste, and slow cooked pork shoulder with tuber purée in a roast-mustard sauce. 

The Basilur tea-brewing show was a perfect complement to the unique atmosphere of this autumn afternoon. – Our goal was to show the participants that high quality teas can provide exceptional taste experience  says Robert Krygier of the Tea Brothers company, the exclusive distributor of Basilur Tea in Poland. – The brewing method is also important. For example, green tea with taste additives should be brewed in temperature below 70°C. Another little-known brewing method is the cold brew method, which — for best results — should last a minimum of 2 hours. The exceptional taste and aroma of Ceylon teas proved to be a perfect addition to the exceptional atmosphere of the meeting, facilitating discussions about the good life and pleasures of healthy eating.