Kabanoski Sokoliki – limited edition with tattoos


Sokołów has prepared a nice surprise for the youngest consumers this summer. Each packaging of the limited-edition Kabanoski Sokoliki includes, apart from a tasty meat snack, a colourful, washable tattoo.

Kabanoski Sokoliki are a product that will work perfectly in many situations during the summer holiday – they are nutritious as well as convenient and practical. They have been created with the nutritional needs of children in mind. They are distinguished by their high content of high-quality meat and lack of additives such as dyes, monosodium glutamate and phosphates. Another important benefit of the Kabanoski Sokoliki is the presence of protein, which is an extremely valuable during growth and development. Delicate spices guarantee optimum taste that will appeal to the youngest consumers.

The cheerful Sokolik character is Kabanoski Sokoliki’s trademark. Now, each packaging includes colourful tattoos which bring kids even more joy! The limited edition includes both versions of the snack: Sokoliki Kabanoski pork kabanos sausages with veal and Sokoliki Kabanoski pork kabanos sausages with turkey.

This meat snack is the perfect choice for the summer months – you can take them on a trip, a walk or other outdoor activities. The packaging is handy and easy to open.

Kabanoski Sokoliki are available in retail chains (Marko, Tesco, Stokrotka and Selgros), and in Delikatesy Sokołów and Delikatesy Gzella stores.

Price: approx. PLN 2.50- 3.00 / 100 g packaging