New in Sokołów offer – Ready-made Premium Dishes

Sokołów introduces a new line of Ready-Made Premium Dishes. They are distinguished by high quality, excellent composition of flavours and very good nutritional values. They are the so-called clean labelproducts, without preservatives, phosphates, artificial colourings or flavour enhancers. They are easy and quick to prepare. All you need to do is heat them to get a full-fledged meal, being a combination of meat with a properly selected starchy additive groats or rice. Thanks to their qualities, the Ready-made Premium Dishes are a proposal that fully matches modern food trends.

New consumer expectations

The growing popularity of ready-made meals is strongly linked to changes in the diet. Today's consumers value foods that don’t require much time and effort to prepare. At the same time, awareness of the importance of the quality of the products consumed is increasing – that is why the group of people who are looking the so-called “clean label” products – without the addition of preservatives or flavour enhancers – is growing rapidly.

The Ready-made Premium Dishes from Sokołów meet the new consumer expectations. "We are expanding our range with more innovative proposals that meet the needs of customers", says Bogusław Miszczuk, Sokołów S.A. President of the Management Board. "Our goal was to create dishes that will fully satisfy the taste preferences of our customers, as well as their requirements related to high quality and ease of preparation. We offer properly balanced dishes, which are an excellent proposal to enrich the daily menu.”

Everyday dishes

New Ready-made Dishes by Sokołów are distinguished by their premium quality. They do not contain preservatives, phosphates, artificial colourings or flavour enhancers. The range of flavours was selected based on an analysis of market trends. The dishes are distinguished by a proper combination of ingredients with clear, natural flavours. The main meat element are meat rolls distinguished by their fillings and vegetable sauces. A properly selected starchy additive – in the form of various types of groats or rice – emphasizes the nature of the dish.

The first products in the new line, are:

• Beef rolls stuffed with cucumber and bacon in gravy with pearl barley – a classic combination, very high on the list of the most popular and well-liked dinner dishes. The properly flavoured gravy gives the flavour its depth, and the addition of pearl barley greatly complements the whole.

• Pork rolls stuffed with spinach and cheese in a cream sauce with pearl couscous – an exquisite dish that will delight with taste and add energy for lunch.  Meat roll, spinach, delicate cream sauce – all the ingredients in this composition form a perfectly matched set.

• Chicken rolls stuffed with carrot in a creamy dill sauce with rice – a dish for people who prefer a mild flavour note.  Delicate meat rolls, filled with carrot stuffing, with a light, natural sweetness, swimming in sauce with dill. The rice fits perfectly here.

• Classic pork meatballs in tomato sauce with rice – an extremely popular dish, constituting a versatile and appetizing culinary offer. The sauce, rich in fresh tomatoes, adds flavour and the natural spices highlight the taste of the meat. A light, yet nutritious dish.

The thermostable tray enables convenient and quick preparation of the dish in the microwave oven (directly on the tray). When put into a suitable dish, the dish can also be heated in the oven or on a gas or electric plate. A wholesome and tasty meal is ready in just a few minutes. Modern packaging additionally allows to maintain a high degree of nutritional value and extend shelf life.

The Sokołów Ready-made Dish line will be gradually expanded.

New Sokołów Ready-made Premium Dishes are available in Sokołów and Gzella own stores. The distribution will be systematically developed.

Prices: PLN 9.49 - 12.99 / packaging