New vegetable ready-made dishes from the “Z Gruntu Dobre” line

Stuffed cabbage rolls, bigos, baked beans in tomato sauce are classic dishes, popular with lovers of traditional flavours. Now, they available in new, vegetable versions. Sokołów expands its meatless "Z Gruntu Dobre" line with ready-made dishes such as vegetable bigos, lentils with dried tomatoes, Breton mix, stuffed cabbage rolls with vegetables in tomato sauce and stuffed cabbage rolls with vegetables in mushroom sauce. All are created with 100% natural ingredients and contain no preservatives.

Healthy, comfortable and natural – just like we want to eat.

One of the important culinary trends is the enrichment of food with vegetable ingredients. More and more people declare that they want to introduce more vegetables and fruits to the everyday menu. On the other hand – we live quickly and intensely, so we are looking for such culinary propositions that will allow us to prepare a healthy, wholesome dish without a fuss. At the same time, we do not want to sacrifice the quality, so we choose products with a good, proven, natural composition.

Feel the power of vegetables!

The "Z Gruntu Dobre" product line Sokołów’s response to the latest trends. “We are constantly expanding our product range, thinking how to best meet the needs of consumers,” says Krzysztof Kawecki, Director of the Sokołów S.A. R&D Centre. “We know how the customer expectations are changing and how much the awareness of the importance a varied, healthy diet is growing. Plant products are its very important element, which is why we have created the Z Gruntu Dobreproduct line.

The “Z Gruntu Dobre” products are meat-free and contain only vegetables, plant ingredients (cereal, rice, seeds, nuts) and natural spices. They have a very high nutritional value, are characterised by the so-called “clean label” and contain only natural additions. No preservatives or additives were used in their preparation.

New ready-made meals

Ready-made meals are the new addition to the “Z Gruntu Dobre” line. “The consumers are looking for products, which will allow them to prepare a properly balanced everyday menu easily and conveniently,” says Krzysztof Kawecki. “Our new ready-made meals are very simple to prepare. All you need to do to get a healthy, nutritious and tasty meal is heat them. It's the perfect idea for lunch, dinner or a warm supper.

The new ready-made meals in the “Z Gruntu Dobre” line, are;

Vegetable bigos – prepared traditionally with sauerkraut, mushrooms, red lentils and carrots. The unique taste and aroma are emphasized by prunes and mushrooms.

Lentils with dried tomatoes – green lentils, which is an exceptionally valuable diet component were combined with dried tomatoes. This combination has enriched the flavour, accentuated with natural spices and a touch of garlic.

Breton mix – a composition of healthy legumes, such as chickpeas, runner beans “Jaś” variety and red lentils. This tasty mix was prepared with tomatoes and natural spices.

Stuffed cabbage rolls with vegetables in tomato sauce – cabbage leaves hide a tasty stuffing prepared with rice with mushrooms, with the addition of bay boletes and natural spices. Aromatic tomato sauce complements the flavour.

Stuffed cabbage rolls with vegetables in mushroom sauce – perfectly shaped cabbage rolls with tasty vegetable stuffing with button mushrooms, rice and dried bay boletes. The composition is complemented by the mushroom sauce, the taste of which is highlighted by carefully prepared blend of spices.

The “Z Gruntu Dobre” ready-made meals are available at Sokołów Delis and the Gzella Delis chain.

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