Passions of our employees - Rafal Jankowski


This year, our Koło branch actively participated in the organisation of the 1st Koło “Deal with Diabetes” Run which was part of the 27th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP). We were able to talk with Rafal Jankowski – the organizer of the race, who works in our Koło branch.

Where did the idea to organise the run come from and who was its originator?

“We have a group of runners in Koło who compete in running events (5 km and 10 km, half marathons, marathons, ultramarathons, steeplechase) as members of an informal club called "Koło Biega” (Koło Runs). Some time ago I became the club’s “president”. A friend, who is active in the Koło WOŚP Headquarters, called me and proposed organising a happening during the Finale. I suggested the organization of the race. I wrote a letter to the Sokołów S.A. CEO, asking for support. We got greenlighted on Friday, just before New Year's Eve.

How did you manage to organise the run in such a short time?

It took me and 6 my friends 16 days to organise the run. Everyone had some responsibility: one person was responsible for the rules, another took care of the route, someone else prepared the medals and statues, and so on.

I have informed all the local media, we have invited the Deputy Mayor, who, together with me, handed out awards and officially started the run.

How many runners participated in the event?

We had 170 players who paid for the chance to participate. It took only 5 days to fill up the starting list. The popularity of the run exceeded our wildest expectations. There were also participants who ran or walked without keeping time scores and not fighting for medals. Each of them gave some money to WOŚP volunteers. During the race, there were 200-250 people in the stadium. Given the short time in which the event was organised and promoted – we consider this a success.

How much money was collected during the event?

We have collected approx. PLN 5,000.

What are your plans for the next year?

Next year we will organize the 2nd Koło “Deal with Diabetes” Run and of course, Sokołów will have to be its patron! We will increase the number of participants to 300 people.


Congratulations and we wish you to repeat this success next year!