Radio ZET and Sokołów Great Breakfast Tour


The Great Breakfast Tour with Radio ZET and Sokołow has just begun. The event will visit 10 locations, giving you a chance to eat a nutritious breakfast with the Dzień Dobry Bardzo morning radio show. Delicious morning meals are provided by Sokołów.

Those who do not have time to eat breakfast at home or just want to meet their favourite radio journalists can come in the morning and have one together. Breakfast, prepared with high-quality Sokołów products, e.g. Stówki sausages made from 100% pork ham, is served straight from the food truck. During the Great Breakfast Tour, the participants will try 5 different foods. After all, breakfast is not just a simple sandwich snatched from the counter just before leaving home.

Sokołów inspires creating new morning meal options. Such a tasty and filling meal is the perfect start each day. It provides the right dose of energy for the coming activities, and the time spent together while eating puts everyone in a good mood.

The Radio ZET website hosts a contest where you can suggest the next Great Breakfast Tour location. All you need to do is give your recipe to the Dzień Dobry Bardzo show and forward an invitation that will convince everyone to visit your city.