Sokolik 2019 tournament


From 5 to 8 February 2019 the “Sokolik” indoor football tournament took place in Siedlce. Children and youth from the region met there to compete for the prizes. Sokołów was the main partner of the event.

The Municipal Management Board of the TKKF (the Society for the Promotion of Sport and Physical Activity) has once again organized in Siedlce the “Sokolik” tournament, which is the region's biggest indoor football tournament, bringing together primary and middle school students. Young athletes competed in four age categories, including a category for girls.

Here are the winners in each category:

– girls, primary and middle school: Tygrys Huta Mińsk
– boys, class 4 and younger: Dziewiątka Siedlce
– boys, class 5 and 6: Sparks Kotuń
– boys, middle school: Bagna Brzezińskie Wielgolas

Congratulations to the winners!

The competition was filled with many emotions and experiences. The members of the first three teams in each category were awarded medals and received gifts from Sokołów. Awards were presented to the winners by Cezary Jasinski, Company Marketing Director. Among the prizes were, of course, the Sokolik mascots.

Each year, the tournament always brings together more than several hundred supporters and the turnout didn't disappoint us this year, too. Thanks to the commitment of the local communities we can promote proper eating habits and a healthy lifestyle, which should be cultivated from the early age. Every year, as a patron, we support the organization of a summer and winter edition of the tournament.