Sokołów a Favourite Brand of the Poles


Sokołów wins two product categories and receives a distinction in the “Favourite Brand of the Poles” survey by the GFK Polonia institute. It is the highest-scoring meat industry brand in the eyes of the respondents.

Sokołów was the most popular brand in the “Cold Cuts and Sausages” and “Meat Products for Children” categories. The Poles have also appreciated the company’s products in the “Kabanos Sausages” category by awarding it with a distinction.

“The high number of awards is the result of work on building brand recognition, which is based on trust,” says Cezary Jasinski, Sokołów S.A. Company Marketing Director. “The priority for us, as one of the leaders in the industry, is caring for high standards of production and the safety of each product. The victory in the very important “Meat Products for Children” category is proof that we are reaching this goal. This is a special group of products aimed at younger consumers, who deserve nothing but the best. Specially for them we have created the Sokoliki brand, which is rich in breakfast and snack ideas for kids.” he adds.

The aim of the survey was to have consumers select their favourite FMCG brands in various categories. It was conducted on a sample of 1,000 people aged 18-65 (using the CAWI method). Respondents had to indicate the brand which they equate with a given product category. The brand logos were shown at random, in no particular order, which translates into the reliability of the results. The survey was organised by the Wydawnictwo Gospodarcze publishing house.

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