Sokołów śląska sausage wins the “Trade Hit” award

The 280 g Sokołów śląska sausage has won the 17th edition of the “Trade Hit” competition. The votes were cast by retailers, who indicated which products are most popular with the customers.

As every year, this year's winners were chosen by the retailers, who indicated products providing the highest turnover rates and the highest margins and which are most popular with the customers. The poll was carried out in April 2018 among more than 1000 randomly selected retailers from all over the country.

In the “Packed Sausages” category the 280 g Sokołów śląska sausage proved to be unmatched. It’s popular among the Poles who choose it for a barbecue or as an addition to scrambled eggs and other dishes.

This was not the first such award for Sokołów products. In previous years, the awards were won by, among others, a Classic Polish Salami, Raw Smoked Bacon and whole product lines, such as Naturrino.