Sokołów supporting employee development

More than 80 courses completed and almost 700 hours devoted to gaining new professional qualifications – these are the results of Sokołów’s employees who used the Skillveo training platform. Thanks to the use of modern and flexible formula, within 3 months 120 people participated in trainings.

Caring for their employees’ development, the Sokołów company decided to provide them with access to the Skillveo training platform. From 1 June to 30 September employees had the opportunity to participate in on-line courses of their choosing. The trainings were very well received, with the courses on marketing, sales, management and Office suite being the most popular.

– We are very happy that our employees like this form of training. This is especially convenient for field workers. Results after the first calendar quarter show that there are many people among us, who want to develop their competences in various fields. Now is the time to implement this knowledge into everyday practices, so that it brings tangible results in the form of new skills and improvements to the work process – says Sylwia Miszczuk, Company’s HR Director.

An on-line course is the most convenient form of self-studying, because it allows a lot of flexibility.

– Each way of transferring knowledge has its pros and cons. Thanks to the on-line form of the training, it was me who decided when and where to take each course. A plus of learning in the classroom is the ability to ask questions or practice certain issues. On the other hand, such courses tend to be time-consuming and tiring – emphasizes Dorota Grudzińska, Accountancy Clerk, who finished 18 hours of trainings.

– I liked that the courses contained plenty of practical examples and that I had a chance to test the acquired knowledge. The ability to customize the themes and the pace of the courses allowed focusing on and repeating some of the more demanding issues – stresses Agnieszka Moczulska, the Traditional Sales Office employee, who spent a record-breaking 40 hours on chosen trainings.

Together, the Sokołów employees have dedicated almost 700 hours to training. In the following months, another group of employees will get the chance to benefit from the platform.