Sokołów wards top the international competition


During the last weekend of April, the Rzeszów Town Square witnessed an intense competition during the 5th International Court Cuisine Festival. The 1st place went to the female students from the II Technical Food and Catering School from Jarosław, which is under the patronage of Sokołów.

The purpose of the International Court Cuisine Festival is to educate young culinary art students and to cultivate and preserve the old Polish culinary traditions. The leitmotif of the April contest were the beginnings of Polish cuisine, which originates from the nobleman cuisine.

The participants were tasked with preparing and serving the dishes of their own creation to 6 people in 90 minutes. The double teams had to prepare two courses: an appetizer with beef (upper topside) and the main course with pork. The winning duo prepared a pork chop with a bone on a young potato with sauerkraut purée served with beetroot, as well as the appetizer – the upper topside on forest fruits purée with sea-buckthorn jelly and green olive oil.

Congratulations! We wish them more successes!