The Akademia Sokolika culinary workshops

On 5 August 2021, in the classicist Land Manor in Wola Suchożebrska, culinary workshops of Akademia Sokolika took place, in which the winner of the 6th edition of MasterChef Junior - Jagoda Łaganowska, together with two friends from the programme Lena Świętońska and Marysia Żebrowska, took part. The theme was classic Italian cuisine. The workshop was conducted by Giancarlo Russo - Executive Chef.

Italian cuisine is considered one of the most popular, tasty and varied in the world. It is rich in vegetables and herbs that give classic Italian dishes their perfect flavour and aroma. It's not just limited to pizza and pasta. The participants of Akademia Sokolika workshops found that out. Under the watchful eye of Giancarlo Russo, a master of Italian cuisine, they prepared exceptional dishes, including saffron risotto with ossobuco, veal roulades stuffed with pecorino cheese, and pasta paccheri with beef. There were also sweets, such as espresso tiramisu. The girls had at their disposal all the necessary products to prepare the dishes, including top quality meat from Sokołów, the sponsor of the workshop.

Jagoda, Lena and Marysia excelled at their culinary tasks. After the workshop they received commemorative Akademia Sokolika certificates.