Only in our company stores!

Thanks to cooperation with the best suppliers, Sokołów can offer the highest quality antibiotic-free fattening meat from 30 kg upwards. Now, you can buy them in all Gzella and Sokołów company stores.

Antibiotic-free fattening meat from 30 kg upwards.

The main aim and message of antibiotic-free fattening is to reduce the use of antibiotics to the minimum necessary, to teach producers about the principles and possibilities of antibiotic-free fattening, to coordinate the fattening process and to secure high quality raw material for products that meet the expectations of our consumers.


The antibiotic-free fattening meat from 30 kg is available in all our company stores.

Pork chump with bone
Pork bacon, ribless without skin
Pork bacon, ribless with skin
Pork knuckle without bones
Pork knuckle without bones and skin
Pork knuckle front
Pork knuckle hind
Pork knuckle with fibula
Pork neck without bones
Pork neck without bones extra
Pork knees
Pork neck bones
Pork rib bones
Culinary pork bones
Pork shoulder without bones extra
Pork shoulder without bones
Pork quadriceps
Pig kidneys
Pork legs hind
Pork tongues
Pork groin without skin
Pork lung lobes
Pork tenderloin with head
Pork tenderloin with head and muscle attachments
Pork cheeks
Pork loin without bones
Pork loin without bones, ribbed
Pork loin with bones, ribbed
Pork loin with bones (chops)
Pig hearts
Pork fat without rind
Pork ham without bones
Pork liver
Pork ribs extra
Pork ribs, flaps
“Triangle” pork ribs without meat
“Triangle” pork ribs with meat

Antibiotic-free fattening meat from a weight of 30 kg is available in more than 300 company stores and distribution centres.