We invite all small and big gourmets and their parents to the world of Sokolik – a place where your child can discover the world through play. Together we will show them how to live an active, healthy, and tasty life! Let us get started!

Produkty Sokoliki

Welcome to the world of Sokolik

The Sokoliki line accompanies both small and large gourmets every day, from breakfast to supper. Now, in addition to products that meet the highest quality and safety standards, it offers much more – the Sokolik Academy. We are active, full of taste and healthy because we know that this is the best way to get the best out of life. We play together, develop sporting skills, cook and get to know the world through the kitchen. Together we can do more!


Kabanoski swirls prove that a few ingredients are enough to make an appetising dish for children. These ingredients include the most important one: pork kabanoski with added turkey, which gives the whole dish a unique taste and aroma. The leftover product can be used to prepare a salad or eaten cold straight from the packaging. Enjoy!


The secret of quesa lies in perfectly selected smoked meat, i.e. Sokoliki poultry ham. Together with despitelette cheese it creates an excellent composition of tastes which will please both small and big chefs. Poultry ham is not only a perfect addition to tortillas, but also an indispensable ingredient in sandwiches, casseroles and pizzas. Simply delicious!


Daily activity is essential in the life of every young person. It has a corrective, calming effect, improves mood and helps to make new friends. Developing sporting skills is also a lot of fun for children. Therefore, it is worth supporting and encouraging our kids to exercise with Sokolik every day!


Your child loves to cook and wants to become a chef? Let them develop the cooking skills with us! Cooking together, tasting, discovering new tastes and flavours and experimenting in the kitchen with Sokolik – your child will have a really delicious time!


A well-balanced diet is important for the development of a young organism.
Healthy eating habits will help your child achieve their long-term goals: they will study well, achieve great sporting results and have energy to play. In order to achieve all this, it is worth learning and implementing the best tips for healthy eating among the youngest.


The Sokolik Academy culinary workshops

On 5 August 2021, in the classicist Land Manor in Wola Suchożebrska, culinary workshops of Akademia Sokolika took place, in which the winner of the sixth edition of MasterChef Junior - Jagoda Łaganowska, and two finalists of the show: Lena Świętońska and Marysia Żebrowska took part.

The theme of the meeting was classic Italian cuisine.
The chef Giancarlo Russo conducted the workshop.

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Winter fun with Sokolik

The coming weekend will see the start of winter madness on the Old Market Square in Gorzów Wielkopolski. All thanks to the Radio ZET team, which, together with Sokołów, will visit the residents and invite them to have fun outdoors. Such a fantastic event cannot happen without Sokołów, the specialist in creating the tastiest memories, which will take care of the culinary setting of the event.

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Culinary workshops with Łukasz Konik

The Sokolik Academy is a place where the youngest gourmets can discover the world through the fun of cooking together with professional chefs. This time, during culinary workshops with Łukasz Konik, we learned how to prepare master burgers.

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