An appetising start of school

Coming back to school means new challenges, not only for children, but also for parents. How to create a well-balanced menu that will recharge the child’s energy between lessons? What to put in the lunchbox? Sokołów dispels all culinary doubts with its products for kids!

When it comes to a proper development of a young organism, everyday menu is key, therefore, out of concern for small consumers, Sokołów presents Sokoliki, dedicated to the youngest family members. All products of this brand are characterized by the so-called “clean label” i.e. they have a natural composition and are free of preservatives and additives.

Sokoliki are high-quality meat products, manufactured from a trusted raw material. They are a valuable source of wholesome protein – essential part of a child's daily diet. Their delicate taste perfectly suits the taste of the most demanding customers. The Sokoliki product line includes sausages, chicken ham, pork ham, sausages, pork kabanoski with turkey and pork kabanoski with veal. The meals prepared with those ingredients will provide the students with the necessary energy be active at school and in the backyard.