The final of the Sokoliki Cup tournament at the Legia City Stadium


On 9 June 2024, the Legia Warsaw Stadium was buzzing with life and sporting excitement thanks to the final games of the Sokoliki Cup tournament, which featured 20 of the best teams, selected after fierce and exciting elimination matches.

The preliminaries alone attracted an impressive 128 teams, which translated into 1,790 young footballers ready to compete at the highest level. The final saw 330 players take to the pitch, providing the public with an unforgettable football experience throughout the day.

Ultimately, the triumph in this year's tournament finals went to the team of Radomiak S.A. Radom, who showed great form and chemistry, dominating their rivals on the pitch. Second place went to the UKS Varsovia team, who also presented a high level of play, but had to acknowledge the superiority of the Radom team. Third place went to the GKS Wilga Garwolin team, who showed determination and skill worthy of a place on the podium.

The Sokoliki Cup 2024 was not only a competition, but first and foremost a celebration of youth football, which enabled young athletes to showcase their skills and strengthen bonds in the spirit of sporting rivalry.

We would like to thank all the teams for their participation and the fans for creating an amazing atmosphere in the stands. We are already looking forward to the next edition of the tournament, which is sure to bring just as much excitement and sporting emotion.

Thank you for participating in the Grand Finale.
Join us in next year's edition.

Sokoliki Cup, organised for many years by Sokołów, is one of the most important events in the calendar of young football enthusiasts. The tournament not only promotes physical activity, but also supports the sporting passion of the youngest players. This year's final of the Sokoliki Cup will again take place on 9 June at the Legia City Stadium in Warsaw.

Nearly 1,700 young athletes took part in the previous events, and the final competition was honoured with the presence of Łukasz Fabiański - goalkeeper of the Polish national team from 2006 to 2021. This year, he will be joined by Łukasz Piszczek, which will certainly add extra energy and excitement to the young players during the event. The organisers have taken care of every detail of the event. Costumes, equipment, prizes and delicious refreshments for the players are just some of the elements that have been prepared for the occasion.

The Sokoliki Cup tournament is not only about sporting excitement, but also plenty of attractions for children. Entertainment such as a ball dart, Spider Pajak slide, football castle, snow tubing hill, foam party and skimboarding await the participants. These additional activities will provide unforgettable moments and even more fun, making this year's final an unforgettable experience for all participants. We cordially invite you to join us in cheering and experiencing sports emotions at the highest level during the final of the Sokoliki Cup 2024!

The final of the Sokoliki Cup tournament at the Legia City Stadium