The grill master is back with new ideas!

The third season of the “Prosto z Grilla” (Straight from the Grill) show aired on the streaming service Wideo WP and on the WP1 TV station has been announced.

The success of the first two seasons of "Prosto z Grilla" resulted in the continuation of the programme. There are 10 appetising episodes ahead, in which Kacper Salzman, using Sokołów's products, will inspire viewers to take on more culinary challenges. With his tricks and tips, even a novice cook will develop their skills and become a grill master.

We will kick off the season with some exceptionally delicious burgers, such as those topped with black pudding. Then, we will learn how to prepare perfect bacon and melt-in-the-mouth pork knuckle braised in kvass. The final episode will feature barbecued beef cheeks. Just the best flavours and aromas - an amazing barbecue season lies ahead!


The third season of the “Prosto z Grilla” show will start with a great culinary surprise. Kacper Salzman will show the viewers the burgers they all know and love, but with a twist. No one expects such tasty flavours and aromas, that’s for sure!

The first burger prepared by the grill master Kacper Salzman is a treat for or lovers of culinary specialities. A double serving of beef prepared in an unconventional way and served with crunchy bread, spicy sauce, and favourite additions i.e., ice lettuce and tomato, creates a perfect taste experience, which will make the smashburger a king of each party.

A second burger prepared by the host creates a composition that will leave no one indifferent. The main ingredient of the dish is beef with blood pudding. He served it in a crunchy bun with a perfectly picked additions: mayonnaise, avocado, rocket, and spicy rhubarb chutney. It doesn’t get any tastier that this!


The second episode of "Prosto z Grilla" show proves that traditional Polish delicacies - potato sausage and white sausage - can also be enjoyed in a modern way. It all depends on our ingenuity and choosing the perfect additions. Watch out! A new take on the barbecue is coming!

Kacper Salzman knows well how to stir the pot! He'll start the episode by preparing a potato sausage, which he'll serve with a Greek tzatziki-inspired curd cheese sauce, grilled cherry tomatoes and a spicy apple salsa.

The second dish that the host will prepare in front of the audience will be Mexican tacos with white sausage, the flavour of which will be enhanced by a spicy mayonnaise and horseradish sauce, caramelised apples and fresh cucumber. A fusion of a Polish, Japanese, and Mexican cuisines? Why not? After all, barbecue is fun. And with Kacper Salzman’s inspiring recipes, the fun is just beginning!


In the third episode of "Prosto z Grilla” show, Kacper Salzman proves that a little patience while barbecuing pays off with perfect taste. The viewers will learn the low-and-slow method of smoking meat in lower temperatures.

The latest episode of the “Prosto z Grilla” is a true lesson in... patience. Kacper Salzman will introduce us to classic smoking techniques, the essence of which is slow cooking at low temperatures (110-150°C). He will also reveal some secrets about cooking food on a charcoal barbecue. Together we will prepare perfect bacon served with aromatic barbecue sauce and melt-in-the-mouth pork knuckle, braised in kvass and served with coleslaw.
Time for a barbecue masterpiece!


The new episode of the “Prosto z Grilla” show is a treat for all lovers of steaks. Surprising flavour combinations, original recipes and practical cooking tips to inspire everyone to grill on their own. Ready for another dose of fire-cooking knowledge?

This episode is a must-see for all, who visualise a steak as a piece of blood beef. Thanks to the “Prosto z Grilla” show they will see it in a new, surprising light. Kacper Salzman will show them how to turn the beef steak into a grilled Mediterranean roulade served with aromatic gremolata and crunchy croutons. Then, he will prove that when it comes to steaks, pork can easily replace beef, especially when it’s glazed loin with stuffed grilled potatoes. Sounds tasty? Let’s go!


The latest episode from the “Prosto z grilla” series is devoted only to the Polish beef - cheeks and steak - which will be presented to the viewers in a totally new and a very aromatic way.

It may seem that making a good grilled beef is hard. In this episode of the “Prosto z grilla” show, Kacper Salzman proves that even a novice cook will handle beef if they have good ingredients and ingenious recipes. All it takes is the will and the time to watch the show.

We begin our culinary journey through the world of beef by preparing smoked beef cheeks which will be served with fried vegetables: Brussel sprouts, cherry tomatoes, and green onion. Their absolute best feature will be the surprisingly flavoursome sauce created by braising the meat on the grill. The second stop on the Kacper Salzman’s BBQ map will be the Chinese steak served with grilled cabbage, carrots, garlic, and onion. Welcome to the BBQ feast!