New baked kabanos sausages now in shops

Sokołów has launched a tasty novelty - roasted kabanos sausages, created with the most demanding enthusiasts of traditional meat delicacies in mind.

When choosing kabanos sausages, people pay special attention not only to the composition and quality of the product, but also its taste. They are particularly fond of traditional products whose taste depends on the perfectly selected composition of spices. These requirements are perfectly met by Sokołów's culinary novelty - baked kabanos sausages. They are available in three versions: pork ham, pork and veal, and pork and turkey.

Sokołów new products are made to high quality standards. The secret of the excellent taste and aroma of these sausages is that they are smoked, baked, and dried, which made their perfect tenderness possible.

Baked kabanos sausages are especially recommended for enthusiasts of vivid flavours. They are a valuable source of protein, an indispensable component of a well-balanced diet, which is why they are perfect for the daily diet of athletes and people who lead an active lifestyle. They are manufactured from specially selected meat and contain no added phosphates or colourings.

Baked kabanos sausages can now be purchased in Sokołów and Gzella Company Stores. Soon, they will also be available at other chain and retail stores nationwide.

New baked kabanos sausages now in shops