A new season of the “Prosto z grilla” show!

The "Prosto z grilla” (Straight from the Grill) series are dynamic, energetic, and passionate episodes that will take your grilling experience to a whole new level! Our experienced barbecue expert Kacper Salzman will present a variety of techniques and recipes that will allow you to create real barbecue masterpieces. Whether you are just starting out with barbecue or already have some cooking skills, the "Prosto z grilla" series is something for you.

Watch how to prepare juicy steaks, flavoursome sausages, crispy vegetables, and many other delicacies on the barbecue. Our episodes show which spices to use, how to prepare the meat before grilling, the best ways to keep it at the right temperature, and what tools are essential when grilling.

The "Prosto z grilla" series not only offers practical tips and recipes, but also inspiring stories and anecdotes related to barbecuing.

Don't wait, join our community of barbecue enthusiasts and become a master in the art of barbecue! Watch the "Prosto z grilla" series and find out that grilling is not only about tasty food, but also about having fun! Create a unique atmosphere and ambience, making every meeting unforgettable.


In the first episode of the fourth season, we will present two types of burgers. Kacper Salzman will show how to choose the perfect meat and which accompaniments and sauces go best to achieve the perfect taste and appearance of the dish. The burger episode includes plenty of practical advice to help anyone prepare the delicious dish in their backyard garden. Together, we will prepare the perfect burgers in two uniquely appetising renditions.


In this episode, we provide some masterful tips for choosing the right meat for your barbecue feast. As always, our host Kacper Salzman creatively presents two recipes - this time for juicy grilled steaks. We also suggest what to do to ensure that your meat is always tender and distinctive in flavour. With these few simple tips, you will become a true Grill Master.


In the third episode of the "Prosto z grilla” show, Kacper Salzman grills classic cuts of meat: pork neck and loin on the bone. The host suggests how to choose the best meat, bring out the flavour, and give it a unique aroma. And all this with the help of simple main ingredients and slightly exotic additions. Add some style to your barbecue specialities and become a true grill master!


The latest episode of the “Prosto z grilla” show features two inspirations for a delicious start to the day. Kacper Salzman will convince you that breakfast doesn't have to be boring at all. It's time for Balkan and Middle Eastern flavours! There's nothing like starting a summer morning outdoors on full blast. It's going to be tasty, aromatic, and a little exotic. A culinary surprise guaranteed!


Nothing completes a summer excursion like an obligatory stop for hot dogs. This quick and simple dish is also great for a family barbecue with friends. Discover easy recipes for delicious hot dogs that no one will be able to resist. And it's all thanks to the tricks of our Grill Master - Kacper Salzman. It's time to fire up the grill, because here it is - the latest episode of "Prosto z grilla" show!


The latest episode of “Prosto z grilla” show takes us into the delicious world of skewers, offering unusual flavours straight from the grill. Once again, Kacper Salzman invites meat lovers to a real feast. This time, the grill will be taken over by aromatic Japanese spices and unique side dishes straight from the sea. A summer barbecue with recipes from our Grill Master will guarantee everyone a special day, full of flavour, aroma, and a note of exoticism.


This time on the 'Prosto z grilla' show, we will be looking at grilling techniques. It's a great opportunity to learn something new about the barbecue, and to cook unusual dishes with the help of Kacper Salzman. The show host presents the 'low and slow' method, which involves cooking large pieces of meat gently at a low temperature and grilling them for a longer period. This ensures the perfect texture of the roasted meat and a unique, smoky aroma. In this episode, we also explore recipes for the perfect pulled pork sandwich and the perfect juicy ribs with Argentinian chimichurri. Are you ready for a new barbecue adventure? Let’s go!


The latest episode of the programme, hosted by Grill Master Kacper Salzman, will focus on one of the most popular meats in our kitchen - chicken. We will learn the best techniques for grilling chicken to keep it juicy and full of flavour. The host does not spare us tips and hints at tricks to make sure the meat is always perfect.


Welcome to the next episode of the "Prosto z grilla” show! This time, our talented presenter Kacper Salzman shares his knowledge of grilling tender cuts of meat. First come the flavoursome chicken breasts, and then we will prepare the juicy pork tenderloin. Waiting for you are dishes that are light and perfectly suited to summer feasts - the best salad hits! The meat tricks presented in the episode will certainly make your next barbecue challenge easier. Good luck!


Forget the barbecue stereotypes! Kacper Salzman invites you to a delicious feast that will delight any palate, regardless of food preferences. In the next episode of the "Prosto z grilla" show, we discover the secrets of vegetarian dishes that will make even carnivores delighted. The grill master will show that meatless bites can not only be delicious and creative, but also easy to recreate on any grill. A real festival of flavours awaits you!