"Prosto z Grilla" inspires again!

The first series of the “Prosto z Grilla” TV show, in which viewers were encouraged to grill imaginatively, was an enormous success. That is why the programme returns with the new season. Kacper Salzman, grill master and esteemed chef, with the help of Sokołów's products, will once again present culinary tricks and show how to turn grilling into delicious fun.

The "Prosto z Grilla" show was warmly received by the audience. Viewers learned that grilling is not just about lighting a fire and putting meat on the grill and saw how surprising ideas and inspiring tips turn an ordinary barbecue into an amazing culinary adventure.

Kacper Salzman's secret is to use only the highest quality ingredients, such as fresh, crunchy vegetables, the best spices and above all Sokołów products. In the programme, which launches September 25, 2021, viewers will learn how to create grilled dishes that smell of autumn.

It is worth noting that the grill master will use not just meat products. Fans of plant-based cuisine also have the option of using his recipes and cooking up a great feast. This way, everyone will be able to experience barbecue as they have never known it before.

The second season of the "Prosto z Grilla" show will consist of ten episodes. Each will be a dose of tasty inspiration that will help viewers prepare delicious dishes regardless of prior skills or knowledge.

The programme can be viewed on the Wideo WP website and on the WP1 TV channel.


In the first episode of the second series of the "Prosto z Grilla” (Straight from the Grill) show, Kacper Salzman presents how to make iconic American sandwiches that cannot be ignored. Their success lies not only in the perfectly selected additives, but also in the highest quality meat.

Kacper Salzman knows how to prepare dishes perfect for a barbecue party with little effort. In the latest episode of "Prosto z Grilla", he suggests how to make sandwiches loved by Americans. The first is the Philly cheesesteak, which is a baguette with roast beef, onions, and cheese. With this delicious dish, we can learn how to use the grill not only for grilling but also for frying. The second is the Reuben Burger - A sandwich with delicious dressing, sauerkraut, bacon and minced Sokołów beef.
Prepare them yourself!


In the second episode of the "Prosto z Grilla" (Straight from the Grill) show, viewers will learn recipes for delicious skewers, which will be perfect for any home barbecue party.

There is no better person to encourage someone to grilling, than Kacper Salzman, the grill master, who presents Greek and Japanese specialities in the latest episode of "Prosto z Grilla" programme. Now, even a beginner can prepare Greek souvlaki, i.e., extremely aromatic shashliks of pork neck marinated in lemon and oregano. They will be served with pita bread baked on a special stone and tzatziki sauce. His second will be yakitori - Japanese chicken skewers. An instant wakame seaweed and pickled ginger salad will complement their flavour. These dishes will create a unique menu that is sure to please the household and all invited guests.


The third episode of the "Prosto z Grilla” (Straight from the Grill) show is a real treat for lovers of vegan cuisine. This time, Kacper Salzman encourages viewers to explore flavours and aromas of plant-based dishes, which are also popular with meat eaters.
It couldn't be more delicious!

The latest episode of the "Prosto z Grilla" programme brings a huge portion of vegetable inspiration. To start, Kacper Salzman will prepare grilled tomatoes stuffed with vegan mince with vegetables and aromatic spices. Their surprising taste will surely appeal to all fans of grilled dishes. The second part of the episode will be just as delicious - viewers will learn the recipe for a crispy vegan pizza. Culinary satisfaction guaranteed!


Who said a barbecue must start and end with pork neck and sausages? Learn a new face of grilling with Kacper Salzman.
Visit Asia in the latest episode of the "Prosto z grilla” programme.
Fire up the barbecues!

Kacpar Salzman knows best how to effectively chase away culinary boredom. Every week he inspires and encourages viewers to discover new flavours and aromas. This time he shows how to make a Vietnamese salad with pork chops, bacon, home-made pickles and bun noodles, and a steak served with grilled oyster mushrooms and salad. Go ahead, try them!