Sokołów appreciated in the “Złote Innowacje FMCG & Retail” competition

On October 25, 2021, the results of the prestigious “Złote Innowacje FMCG & Retail” (FMGC & Retail Golden Innovations) consumer competition were announced. It is an event distinguishing the most valuable innovations in the FMCG sector and retail. The competition is organized by the publisher of the "Hurt i Detal” magazine. Sokołów with its products was among the winners of the competition.

The “Złote Innowacje FMCG & Retail" competition is one of the largest consumer competitions on the domestic market. It identifies the most innovative FMCG products and Retail solutions. The award is given to products and services that in the last year revolutionised the approach to shopping, made the food market more attractive and (through innovation) directly influenced consumer behaviour.

The main prize in the competition is the prestigious Golden Innovation statuette. The winners were decided by consumers (in an online survey) and a specially selected jury consisting of experts from the FMCG and retail sectors.

More than 220 innovative products in the FMCG categories and more than forty innovative products and trade solutions in the Retail categories were submitted to the competition. Two Sokołów products were among the winners of this year's competition:

• Grillowe from the "Wygodne w Drogę!" line won first place (Golden Innovation statuette) in the "Response to Need" group;
• Ham with Grains won second place (honourable mention) in the "Taste" group.

The honoured products - "Wygodne w Drogę!" Grillowe and Ham with Grains - combine richness of taste and aroma, high quality, and universal culinary use. They are an inexhaustible source of inspiration from which both beginners and professional chefs can confidently draw.

Sokołów appreciated in the “Złote Innowacje FMCG & Retail” competition