Sokołów closer to nature

At Sokołów, we attach particular importance to sustainable development, so we take many actions and initiatives to reduce the company's impact on the environment, including limiting the use of plastic. So, right now, we are launching products in eco-friendly packaging.

In the interest of the environment, in recent years we have introduced a number of modern solutions at our production facilities, which have helped to reduce the consumption of natural gas, water and electricity, as well as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, we have partnered with Too Good to Go, an organisation that aims to reduce food waste.

The first products available in recyclable trays are flexi minced meats, which are a combination of top-quality minced meat (beef or pork - depending on the variant) with vegetables! They make an ideal base for many dishes, such as meatballs, casseroles, stuffing, or lasagne.

The use of eco-packaging significantly contributes to reducing the environmental impact of food production. The introduction of cardboard trays for packaging Sokołow's products translates into a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and a reduction in the amount of plastic used by 85%. In their production Sokołów uses paper produced from sustainably managed forests, as confirmed by the FSC® certificate.

Eco-packaged products can already be purchased in the Netto shop chain, and their availability will soon be extended to other chains.

Sokołów closer to nature