"Straight from the grill" inspires imaginative grilling

In the TV series "Straight from the Grill" viewers will find interesting inspiration for imaginative grilling. The programme is hosted by Kacper Salzman, a barbecue expert who, with the help of Sokołów products, shows viewers the tricks that turn ordinary barbecuing into an attractive adventure.

Poles love weekend barbecue. It would seem that preparing food in this way is not difficult: just light a fire, throw the meat on the grate, and turn it over from time to time. But it takes more than that to turn an ordinary dish into a barbecue masterpiece - the inspiring ideas and tricks of a barbecue master, which the host of the programme "Straight from the Grill" is more than happy to share.

Viewers of the program will be pleasantly surprised. Kacper Salzman, acclaimed chef, cook and barbecue expert, will inspire everyone to become a barbecue master.

In his original recipes he uses only the highest quality ingredients: fresh vegetables, aromatic spices and, above all, Sokołów products. The programme is aimed at a wide audience - both people who love meat, sausages, and black puddings from the grill, as well as plant-based cuisine lovers looking for ideas for vegan grilled dishes. Everyone will quickly discover that barbecuing with Sokołow is above all fun.

In the programme, Kacper Salzman will show, among other things, how to prepare insanely delicious hot dogs with Sokołów ham sausage and cherry jam, and grilled pork cutlet served with spicy carrots and raspberry chutney.

The "Straight from the grill" series consists of 9 inspiring episodes. The programme can be viewed on the Wideo WP website and on the WP1 TV channel.


"Straight from the grill" inspires imaginative grilling